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Nov 29, 2008

Employee vs. Independent Contractor

Lets go ahead and get started with some definitions I used in my previous blog.

All companies that I have worked for hire "us folks" as independent contractors. Which means you will receive a 1099 at the end of the year (if you made more than $600.oo for the calendar year).

Being hired as an employee the company deducts taxes for you from each check and you will receive a W-2 at the end of the year.

Now, there is one company that changed its hiring status from independent contractor to employee and that company is West.

**(Don't worry we'll go more into detail about taxes and all of that stuff in a later writing).

You may wonder which hiring status do I prefer...ummmmm, well I really don't care as long as I receive some money back from filing my taxes : ).

I would like to go over a few of the companies that West, Liveops and Cloud 10 represent.

Virgin Mobile
Direct Response
Shop at Home Network
Cricket and many others.

Pizza Hut
1800 Flowers
Walk Fit
Hip Hop Abs
Direct Response
Out Bound and Inbound Calls
and so many more


So this should show you that you will never go bored working for these companies.
Tomorrow I think I will update a few more companies to work for (at HOME of course).

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Ask Alyxsa

Nov 27, 2008

So how much do these companies pay anyway?

I believe we left off on a few updates of companies that I recommended:

Liveops , West and Cloud 10. Lets go ahead and break down some information that I'm sure you are wondering about. $$$$$$$$$$$$$....Yes the mu'lah.

First let me say that I started with these 3 companies because I personally have all the scoop and ins and outs of them. I have worked for Liveops and West for many years and my close friend still works for Cloud 10.

These 3 companies fall under that category of Customer Care and Call Centers. There's ALOT to be discussed here, in regards to...what will I be doing, how does it all work, will I be calling customers or will they be calling me, and so on and so on.

This is not the purpose of my quick blogging today. I just wanna give you some hard cold facts and that is ...HOW MUCH THESE COMPANIES PAY THEIR INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS / EMPLOYEES (the difference of the two will be discuss later).

I know this is what you're waiting for so I won't make you wait any longer:

Liveops $6-$15 hourly
West per minute rate, per call or guaranteed hourly rate
Cloud 10 $8-$12 hourly

Well, that's it for now, but please stay tuned. I have a lot of information to cover and more jobs to post!

"Working from home has never felt so good"

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Nov 25, 2008

Ever thought about working from home?

I would like to start by saying hello and congratulations!

Yes, I am excited for you because I know the eagerness of wanting to stay at home and make a real income but not being able to find legitimate companies or evening knowing where to begin. Well, that's where I come in.

Now, if you don't already have a nice hot cup of coffee or something more to your liking, get up and go get yourself something to drink, maybe even a snack, pad, pencil and then come on back to your desk, bed, floor or whatever your using and get comfortable because you are in for a ride of your life!

First I would like to give you a little background about little ol' me. My name is Alyxsa. I am a wife, mother and businesswoman. My background is sales. I have worked for Sam's Club as a outside marketing representative, Buckley Broadcast Radio as an outside account executive, I've been a Realtor, etc. As you can see I've done many things but I grew tired of waking up early, getting in traffic, driving home to my wonderful family and as all we women know, starting work again once we enter the door.

When I began having children I wanted to stay home and home school my children but we didn't have the income to do so. I began searching for ways to make money from home but unfortunatley was burned by a lot of bogus "companies".

It wasn't until almost 16 years later that I found real companies that hired people to work for them. Basically its just like a real job in the corporate world, where you make a check every two weeks thats either deposited directly into your account or mailed to you (depending on what option you choose). Training is done from the comfort of your home, you also determine your own schedule. Too good to be true? Just keep reading..

So the purpose for me starting this blog is to help others and to give out valuable information that may help you the way it helped me. (OK now its time to get those fingers all warmed up and ready to jot down some valuable information).

What I would like to do is post daily or weekly updates of companies that I recommend. Tips on working from home, and anything else that may help you in your new journey of working from home.

(Keep in mind that I am totally new to this blogging stuff so I am still working on a format that will be conducive to you all and myself).

I will also try my best to answer questions from my readers, just leave a comment until I can figure out how to set up my contact page(??) : )

My Rating System
5 Stars ***** Exceptional
4 Stars**** Great Company
3 Stars *** Okay Company
2 Stars ** Not good to work for but there may be some benefits
1 Star * Please steer to the right or you may find yourself in a ditch

OK, here we go:

Liveops - 5 Stars*****

West - 5 Stars*****

Cloud10 5 Stars *****

There are many more companies I will be adding in my upcoming blog. I will also include in Ask Alyxsa's next blog, hourly pay, job descriptions etc. So please stayed tuned and don't forget to subscribe!

"Working from home has never felt so good"

Feel free to comment on this blog and don't forget to subscribe to receive updates from
Ask Alyxsa